Everything I do has something to do with creative intuition.  From art and intuitive artwork, to helping others learn to tap into their intuition, to readings.
 Forget about scary  (or just plain silly) “psychic readings” that keep you waiting, watching or worrying. Wouldn’t it be better to be grounded in the here and now …the power that YOU have?

For over 30 years, alongside my life as an artist, musician and writer, I’ve worked with people all over the world and give unique, practical, intuitive guidance and relationship coaching to help people focus on their own abilities to change and shape the present and future.  Isn’t it better to “create” than wait?

*relationships  (family, spouse, partner, romantic, and friendship  -LBGTQI welcome!)
* Building positive relationship to yourself and others(couples and individuals)
* artistry, creativity, and work (in career or personal growth)
* Dream interpretation/exploration of dream symbolism unique to YOU
* Resolving difficult emotions and experiences/finding the next steps
* Spiritual and personal growth/connectedness/interrelationship no matter what your beliefs are
* Self connection and finding your unshakable core

Intuition can  help you find your personal power so that your relationships, career, and mission can be more connected, passionate,  and purposeful.  Find ways to tap into your own wisdom and connection to yourself so that you’re not depending on others/outside circumstances to be the wind in your sails.

I  do sessions in person by chat on my  private chat page and I  I offer 15, 30 and 60 minute sessions. Please contact me to set up your own personal appointment time before purchase.

**Please note:  In case of an accidental disconnection, please provide your email.

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Refund and Cancellation policy:
Because I make time just for you and because our services are time-based, there are no refunds  under any circumstances.   There are no refunds for  cancelled sessions once payment has been made,  but  you can reschedule and use your minutes another time.  Please give  at least 24 hours notice, if possible, if you need to cancel or reschedule your time. 




The purpose of intuitive integration and intuitive/spiritual counseling is to help you be empowered, informed and find balance.  No matter what you are going through, I can help you find perspective and power.  However, I am not a doctor, a licensed therapist, an attorney or business advisor; so my services are not a replacement for professional advice.  Please seek a qualified professional for medical, legal, mental, business or other professional advice.  I do not do sessions which diagnose ailments or pregnancy, and other issues at my discretion.   You are responsible for the consequences of your choices. Because everyone has free will, and because we have a blank canvas of choices and possibilities, I’m not a fortune teller.  ADULTS only please!

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